Addvalue Technologies Limited

Leveraging Space

Aligning Connectivities







Addvalue Technologies Limited is a renowned state-of-the-art satellite-based communication terminals and solutions provider. Through this report, Addvalue seeks to improve the understanding of their business with their shareholders and, convey their positioning as the leader in the satellite communication industry. The intended objective is to capture an image of a satellite terminal emerging within space and hovering above planet Earth to cast a majestic and grand facade. However, capturing an adequate image of a satellite would be challenging and difficult to obtain.



Utilising digital imaging to recreate a grandeur space-scape that represents Addvalue’s capabilities, our process ensures the aptness of the images chosen as well as for the copies constructed, so as to remain coherent and effective in representing Addvalue’s key services. By adopting a blue gradient effect within the review section, we believe this further undergirds the overall aesthetics of the ‘space’ theme and ultimately engages the focus of our client’s audiences.



"It has been our pleasure to work with this truly inspirational agency. Rockstar whose creativity knows no bounds, has surpass our expectations to deliver an award winning annual report. We are proud to have Rockstar as our agency! We are delighted with the quality of works and services provided. They are understanding, responsive and professional at all times and made it very easy for us on the project. Greatly appreciated!"


Ms Tan Yee Ping

Manager, Corporate Affairs and Communications, Addvalue Technologies Limited


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