Capital Safety

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in Fall Protection



Capital Safety, a global leader in fall protection for more than 70 years, approached us to design marketing materials that were to be distributed to their South East Asia offices and partners. As Capital Safety is a global brand, our main duty was to adhere to their brand identity guidelines closely to ensure the consistency and integrity of the brand. While working creatively within the global brand guidelines and focusing on the freedom of creative messaging, we successfully produced original designs that were well-received by both the Capital Safety team and their partners.



"Working with Rockstar is always a great experience as their designs were always well-thought, creative and out-of-the box. These naturally resulted in the designs being well-received by the management and our target audiences, delivering desired results. With Rockstar’s competent project management, timely deliveries are ensured and when coupled with the superior print quality, our materials are often the talk of the town! These keep everyone happy and we really enjoy working with Rockstar!"


Mr Kelvin Tan

Senior Marketing Manager - Asia, 3M Fall Protection


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