the Future



This branding initiative was to showcase CrimsonLogic as the preferred world-class provider of eGovernment solutions. To commemorate their 25th anniversary, we were invited to design the commemorative environmental graphics for their Singapore head office and subsequently, partnered with them for the designs of their website and annual reports. The intention was to portray a consistent brand language for CrimsonLogic as a company with potential capabilities to redefine the future through technology.



"Rockstar Atelier is able to value-add to some of our marketing initiatives with their innovative approach to designs.  Their experience in annual report production has enabled us to publish our first few editions to a high standard of professionalism.  It helps that their account servicing team listens to our needs and comes back with relevant recommendations.  It was a positive experience working with the Rockstar team!"


Mr Francis Huan

Head of Corporate Communications, CrimsonLogic Group


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