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On Excellence







Ezion Holdings Limited specialises in the chartering of offshore assets and the provision of marine logistics and support services to the oil and gas industries. In their 2014 report, Ezion’s key message was primarily about their continued focus on service excellence to drive the business forward through their operations and services provided. They have also requested for the blueprints of their assets to be incorporated within the annual report.



Merging design and concept together, we wanted to represent our client’s exceptional services and convey them to their shareholders. In our design solution, we employed special effect printing of metallic ink and silver foil stamping and also, integrating the blueprints that were requested creatively by optimising it (as seen on the cover) and applying it as a visual element within the dividers. We created a platinum-like cover to exude prestigiousness whilst, retaining the overall consistency to ensure that our client’s needs are met.



"We’ve been working with Rockstar for a number of years. They are a group of people who are professional, dedicated and deliver high quality work even under extremely time pressure. The annual report designs have always been designed artistic and impressive and yet catered to our management likings. We are proud to have won the Davey award with them and we look forward to many more years of partnership."


Mr Cheah Boon Pin

Group Chief Financial Officer, Ezion Holdings Limited


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