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The Future







Ezra Holdings Limited is a leading offshore and provider of integrated offshore solutions to the global Oil and Gas industry. With Ezra’s recent milestone achievement from the completion of their latest vessel - The Lewek Constellation, Ezra’s seeks to honour their stakeholder by addressing them through this report, as well as to take the opportunity to employ the report as a marketing vehicle to showcase their diversified range of assets. However, due to the scale of these vessels, conducting an offshore photoshoot may require extra measures that may not assure the quality and proportion of the photos necessary.



To recreate the cover image via digital imaging of the Lewek Constellation sailing forward majestically. The cover design encapsulates the bold spirit and tenacity of Ezra to assure stakeholders of the company’s imminent success. Featuring their key asset on the cover, we incorporated the rest of the other assets within the review pages to create an consistent visual for both the exterior and interior of the report. By casting a positive image of the vessel, along with the title – “Helming the Future”, our intended aim bolsters the overall message and highlights the anticipation for Ezra’s future successes.



"Working with Rockstar Atelier on our Annual Reports has indeed been a smooth and enjoyable process. From eye catching designs, to working with us on the knitty gritty of every line item, and ensuring milestones being met against a tight deadline, Rockstar has been accommodating and professional. The end product has always been something we can all be proud of. Rock on!"


Mr Alex Tan

Corporate Communication Manager, EZRA Holdings Limited


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