Goodland Group Limited

Adapting Towards

Greater Success



Goodland Group Limited is a Singapore-based real estate developer specialized in residential developments.  Despite the unfavorable conditions in Singapore’s property market, Goodland persisted through these tough times and remained resilient. However, in view of addressing to their shareholders, a concept was necessary to communicate and highlight Goodland's strategies to diversify their portfolio and build a firm vision for the company’s sustainable growth that are directed towards staying relevant and remaining adaptable.



Our approach was to implement the concept of water using its Chinese character as a metaphor to describe Goodland. Water symbolizing fluidity and strength, the key idea highlights Goodland’s ability to adapt with time and its environment, despite their circumstances. By showcasing the evolution of the Chinese characters, our goal was to communicate a similar process of evolution through the convergence of design and concept to exude Goodland’s versatility, resilience and adaptability in the the face of adversity.



"It has been a great experience no doubt. Changes came hard and fast, down to the last wire, but nothing could prevent Rockstar for giving us it's best! Thanks to the Rockstar Team, we got the annual report we wanted out and about!"


Mr Kenneth Hor

Chief Financial Officer


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