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LionGold Corporation Limited is a Singapore head-quartered gold mining and exploration company. In the past two years, they were struck with adversed circumstances and went through challenging times with the depression of gold prices and the sudden crash of its share price. This eventually called for a re-strategising of LionGold’s portfolio in the year of 2015 to reinstate its positioning in the gold mining sector and to account to shareholders of their restructuring measures and plans for the future.



After reviewing Liongold's predicament, our approach was to conceptualise a theme for this report that would communicate and convey a reassuring stance for Liongold’s stakeholder. Strategise, Optimise and Realise were the three key words that we believe were apt in conveying what our client was trying to address in this report. With our understanding of Liongold’s current situation, we ensured the design of this report to be one that was clear and straightforward to effectively communicate our client’s strategies and efforts to arise from its adversities and overcome the challenges ahead.



"Rockstar Atelier has proven to be an efficient and responsive team, doing their best to accommodate our requests and ensuring that the entire process of producing our annual report is carried out smoothly. Rockstar’s work has always been of high quality and their designs have helped us to highlight our operations and convey information effectively to our shareholders."


Mr Brendan Goh

Chief Financial Officer


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