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mDR Limited is an established distributor and retailer of telecommunications devices and mobile-related services. The financial year of 2013, has proven significant for mDR in terms of the expansion of their overseas ventures in markets such as Malaysia, Myanmar and China. mDR would like to address shareholders of their business diversifications and strategic measures to expand and develop profitable revenue streams to maximise shareholder’s returns.



To convey mDR as an expanding business that has diversified and ventured beyond home grounds, our design approach incorporates the use of the words mDR, to construct a ’skyline’ within the space of the company’s name itself. The cover features suggestive imageries of satisfied consumers and iconic landmarks with the intention to subtly represent mDR’s nature of business and growth in the various regions. By deploying strategic copywriting within the review pages, this further justifies the diversification of mDR’s business and place emphasis on its expansion.



"Rockstar Atelier designed our last two Annual Reports. Their team took great efforts to capture the message we wanted to communicate to our shareholders. Throughout the duration of the project, Rockstar’s entire team was very hands-on, approachable and responsive. The feedback we received was that our Annual Report designs were fresh, artistic, and appealing!"


Ms Doris Wee

Chief Financial Officer, mDR Limited


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